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Werewolves, and Demons, and Grey Blobs, Oh My!

Werewolf Parallel


Title: Werewolf Parallel (Daemon Parallel #2)
Author: Roy Gill
Series: Daemon Parallel
Publisher: Kelpies
Publication Date: March 20, 2014
Source: Netgalley

Goodreads Summary: "The wolf has woken..."

Cameron's life of shifting between the Human and Daemon worlds is under threat.

Two sinister figures want to destroy the Parallel - the realm between the worlds populated by daemons, dark creatures, old gods and werewolves - and everyone in it.

To save the Parallel, Cameron must make the ultimate sacrifice, but what is he prepared to lose?

 My Thoughts:
I was so excited for this book - and it did not disappoint. This book was fantastic. I loved every moment of it and had a very hard time putting it down. The characters were great and the plot was so much thicker than the first book. I also loved how much more of the Parallel we were able to see in this book. I really enjoyed the plot twists and general awesomeness of the novel. 


So, let's talk about the werewolves. MORGAN IS THE SON OF THE FREAKING QUEEN??!??! Okay, calming down. That was like, crazy revelation to me, anywho . . . I loved the scenes with the werewolves. I really liked the dynamics between the queen and the king, and especially how the other wolves treated Morgan. I really loved the trust that the queen had in Morgan even though he didn't have it in himself. And when Cameron was totally awesome and shifted outside of the wolf moon? Goodness gracious I was like - take that snarky wolf king! Yeah, I really liked the wolves. 

Eve - can I just say I totally knew she was related to Cameron? She was so awesome in this, I was really impressed that even though she's younger than the boys because she looks older she has to be the responsible adult. But she still made a choice - instead of simply giving up and still acting like a kid, Eve takes the jump and stays in control. I really admired the courage that it took her to impersonate Granny Ives. 

Cameron was amazing in this book. Not only was he totally boss with his mad wolf skills, but he saved his friends time and time again simply by being himself and remembering things - like when the lion was going to eat Eve. He really showed his true colors when he not only gave leadership of the wolf pack back to the queen, but when he gave up his inner wolf in order to save the parallel. He gave up on of the best things that had ever happened to him because he's that kind of kid. 

I must admit that I was quite confused that Janus made an appearance in this novel since he is a Greek god, and most things in these novels tend to lean towards Celtic . . . but I still enjoyed it. I liked how he was incorporated into the story and the twistedness of his character.

 Mr. Grey was totally nasty. I did not like him at all - and I think that was expected. He was everything you love to detest in a bad guy - so good job Gill. I did think it was a really interesting twist that there was only really one Grey but that he could separate himself into lots of parts. He was someone who you really wanted to get squashed. I was super happy when Cameron finally "took care of him". 

Lastly I want to mention Cameron's shadow wolf. I loved how at the end Morgan mentioned that he sometimes sees the wolf guarding the parallel. It's like the wolf is all of Cameron's love of the parallel put into a shadow - this is not something totally separate from Cameron - the wolf is born out of his love and desire to protect the parallel, which is completely awesome.

I would recommend this book to basically everyone because I thought it was great.


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