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Daemon Parallel by Roy Gill

Daemon Parallel


Title: Daemon Parallel
Author: Roy Gill
Series: Daemon Parallel
Publisher: Kelpies
Publication Date: March 20 2014
Source: Netgalley

Goodreads Summary: "Worlds collide. Promises broken."

Cameron's father is dead and his inheritance is... rather unusual.
He has the power to world-shift: travel between the Human and Daemon dimensions and the Parallel - a realm where the two worlds meet.

Between battling daemons and allying with werewolves, Cameron's new life is already pretty complicated but things are about to get even more dangerous...

My Thoughts: This book was great. Super fun and interesting - even though I'm not a thirteen year old boy. I thought the idea of having parallel worlds that can be crossed simply by activating the right music in your mind was totally awesome. I also thought it made total sense that the parallel was strongest in Edinburgh because it is one complicated city with lots of layers and stories on every corner. One of my favorite things about this book was that Cameron wasn't trying to save the world - he wasn't the chosen one who had to stop mass destruction, and there was no romance. It was just a magical adventure story for middle graders, although still with plenty of depth and great characters. 



   Creatures and Compassion: Something that I found super interesting about this book is that it wasn't necessarily the "humans" that were the right ones or even the caring ones. Instead it was mostly the young ones - Eve, Morgan and Cameron. Even though Morgan is a werewolf he has compassion - although Morgan needed the Temporari claw egg thing in order to get himself out of his deal with Mrs. Ferguson he still gave it to Cameron. That's sacrifice - especially when you don't think a resurrection spell is possible. That's the great thing about Morgan, even though he doesn't really believe that Cameron's dad can ever come back he's willing to help Cameron out as much as he can because he's a good person. Then there's Cameron, even though he knows Morgan won't be able to control himself in werewolf form, he stays by his side and keeps the pack from finding out - thus saving Morgan from being cast out. That's also sacrifice - being willing to put yourself in danger in order to help those around you. Finally there's the scene where Morgan and Cameron go back to Ferguson and destroy her, but not before exorcising her out of Eve's body and thus giving Eve another chance at life.

   Monsters and Murder: In this story the real monsters are able to hide in plain sight. Mrs. Ferguson pretends first to be an old lady and then Eve. She seems perfectly harmless from the outside - but within is a spider-like daemon who will consume those around her in order to live longer. Grandma Ives also appears to be a kind old lady - albeit stern - who obtains hard to get items for her customers. She seems completely human and even kind when she takes in her orphaned grandson. But, it turns out she is much more like Mrs. Ferguson than she would like to admit. In the end, just as Mrs. Ferguson had possessed Eve, Grandma Ives intends to suck out Cameron's essence in order to prolong her life. And, in the end, just like Mrs. Ferguson, the one thing she didn't count on was Cameron and Morgan. The reason Grandma Ives is sent to Daemon is not only because of Morgan's attack, but because of Cameron genius. 

So, there you have it, the message of this book is that you should never overlook those around you who may seem insignificant because they could have more power than you can ever guess.


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